The Bang & Olufsen A9 is one of the most riveting wireless speakers made. A circular shape that rests on three legs is as minimal a statement on minimalism as can be.

As Engadget puts it:

“Bang & Olufsen has never been one to shy away from intriguing design, and the BeoPlay A9 is no different. This AirPlay-capable speaker stands out among other speakers with its unique circular shape that also doubles as a volume control, and TrustedReviews calls the A9’s design « minimalist in styling yet attention grabbing in its shape. » Its round form houses five speakers that create a sound t-break refers to as « mesmerizing, » with TrustedReviews being pleased with « the quality of its sound reproduction. » The BeoPlay A9 avoids the ‘form over function’ cliché by not only looking modern and interesting, but by also providing an enjoyable audio experience. However, at $2700 this is a hard cost to justify when there are cheaper wireless options out there.”